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Whether you are building a house or drawing floor plans for your client, we will help you pick the right luminaires, set their layout and calculate illuminance level in compliance with EU regulations. 

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Not all lightsshine so bright.

Illumination, luminous intensity, flux, color rendering index, lumens, lux, CCT, glare rating, power factor? Forget the technical gibberish and let us shed the right light on your space. We will provide all the tips for you whether you are lighting up a warehouse or furnishing a room for your pet.


Lighting calculation and simulation

  • - indoor and outdoor illuminance calculation in accordance with EN 12464
  • - emergency lighting calculation
  • - unified glare rating (UGR) in accordance with EN 12464
  • - interior daylight computation in accordance with EN 17037
  • - a simplified 2D / 3D visualization of computed space

Other services

  • - supply of luminaires
  • - measurement of lighting curves (distribution of light into space) and fotometric quantities using a calibrated goniophotometer
  • - accredited measurement of illuminance, color rendering index and UGR

Lighting calculations are computed exclusively in professional programs such as Astra Wils 7.0 or Dialux. Our output to you is a PDF file / protocol that, in addition to final illuminance or daylight in accordance with legal standards, delivers room dimensions, number of luminaires including their exact positions, glare rating, power consumption and 3D images of computed space. Prices are negotiable.

from 73 EUR

Small project

Mostly a single room without obstructions and excluding furniture layout.

from 127 EUR

Medium project

A more complex and diverse space comprising of several rooms with workstations.




Large project

An extensive project with more rooms of irregular geometry showing multiple objects such as shelving.

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Browse selected references comprising of both commercial and private projects simulations.

Offices, family houses and apartments, storage and production facilities, schools, retail stores, sports facilities, restaurants and hotels, healthcare, public and transportation areas.

Your homeworkbefore inquiry

There is a few things that we simply can't work without. The foundation of each project are comprehensible materials that we can't prepare for you. If you can't provide a floor plan or ideally a raw .dwg file from your designer, take a bunch of crayons and doodle your room like little Joe here.

Room dimensions

Don't forget the room height!

Purpose of room

We link activity with legislation.

Shading objects

Will the lightflow be obstructed?

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